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This is being done to Ensure Safe Online Transactions

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Long story short, I got stuff I dreamed about for a long time at half price. After seeing the goods advertised in a facebook group, I try to ask, and it turns out the price wow really, really is?. I chase continues. Until at one point the transaction price and the deal should be done. And I think how to keep online transactions secure?

First I try to offer to use a joint account that services are available plenty in kaskus, where a third party as rekber will transfer the money to the seller after the buyer received the goods. The person does not want .. because the needed funds fast. I offer again using Tokopedia, do not want too because something like rekber.

Confused. Locations outside Java may not COD, prices of goods millions if ketipu how?. Finally perform the "investigation" in depth to minimize our chances of becoming a victim of fraud. If my friend transact with someone who is not known, nor is the online store that usually have a history or a testimony, how to make sure the seller is not fraudsters and secure online transactions?. Here are a few tips from my own experience.

    Ensure that sells have a social network account, make a friend and investigate profilenya. Starting from posting to their relationships, whether natural look or look like made-up. How long does he have his socmed account?
    Perform communication through many media ranging from telephone, sms, whatsapp, fuel or messenger. See response, to ensure that the relevant serious.
    Ask for photo ID card, driver's license. NIK checks identity card and online check in Data Voters KPU. What is the name and the same region. Also check whether the same picture as the one on social network account.
    Check his address, find information online. Even when his name was listed on the official website of the company profile, I still make sure that the relevant works are still active at the site by contacting the office phone.
    There is the possibility of mobile phones and the goods sold were stolen and claiming to be the owner. To ensure that, when the delivery of goods at the office courier agent I ask for air-selfie ria with the goods sold. 😀
    Do not transfer in advance before getting photo receipt number and check online the truth.
    If you are sure .. at least 99%, bismillah and do the transfer.

Furthermore stay surrender. Continue to communicate with the seller to make sure they are willing to be contacted, if still means that there is no problem in this regard. If in the end there is the problem of fraud, at least you've got a bundle of weapons and the evidence is strong enough to process it to the authorities. Hope it is useful.

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting and web hosting what sense is still much sought after in the virtual world to remember that not all netizens in Indonesia know about the website. Web hosting is a place to store data that has an internet connection. The internet connection was needed because the data is stored must be accessed by the user simultaneously anywhere or anytime.

So again what is web hosting? In other words, web hosting is the place where organizations and individuals can rent it and allow them to display their products or services on the internet site (web).


The internet site (web) itself is a collection of pages of information that can be accessed by all Internet users in the whole world without limited space and time.

In the web hosting works very dependent on the performance of the server. Usually the server in use is a computer that has a high specification. Because web hosting server should be able to work 24 hours a day. That means that a server must remain alive for a long time and without turn off.

Usually servers are in use more than one and interconnected. If one server goes down work will be directly forwarded by other servers. This is very useful because web hosting should always be active so that users can still access it.

Web hosting is very in need especially for the current Internet has spread in almost all corners of the country. This is an opportunity for companies to conduct or individuals to offer their products or services through the site web.Bayangkan when more than 100 million people in Indonesia are connected to the internet every day. It can be made an opportunity for the promotion of a product.

Not a few people connected to the internet looking for a knowledge or latest information. In other words, service providers can use the news or web hosting services and also to market their news.

For when it's already a lot of companies that provide web hosting services in Indonesia. Virtually all the company web hosting service providers all the same. The only difference lies in the capacity space, and bandwidth capacity in the offer.

Some types of servers that can be used is as follows.

    Server Colocation is a service that rents out space in use for meletakanserver. These servers are usually there because of the cooperation between the vendor and the customer.
    VPS or Virtual Private Server is a process virtualisasidari about the operating system that is in use by the server. A virtual server has the possibility to install different operating systems.
    Shared Hosting is a server that can be used with the same. So in a server there is more than one domain name. Because these servers that use more than one, then each account that is in one of these servers have a username and password each - each and inexpensive hosting fees.
    Dedicated server is a server that is used for large applications and are not able to be operated by other servers as virtual dedicatedserver and sharedhosting. This server is usually created by the cooperation between the companies and organizations that work with the vendor.

With some types of servers above can be determined what type of server you want to use according to the type of business. Web hosting is indeed very useful and has many benefits. Hence, do not take advantage of web hosting with things - negative things.

For those of you who want to take advantage of web hosting for your business, you should choose a web hosting service that is already trusted, one of which is domainesia who is experienced and reliable to manage web hosting for businesses.

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healthy diet tips

healthy diet tips

Tips on healthy diet, you are busy with a variety of activities will definitely feel tired and depressed. If you have started depressed, your emotions become confused and can even interfere with the activity. Your body may be fine, but your inner mind and probably sick.

To avoid this, according to experts, there are some diet foods to reduce levels of stress and anxiety that hit you because it contains serotonin, among others,

foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a wide variety of seafood
eat foods rich in antioxidants
healthy fats in the fruit and nuts such as avocados, almonds, and hazelnuts
foods rich in tryptophan, a protein found in chicken, tuna, turkey, soy, salmon and shrimp
avoid drinking coffee and assorted caffeinated beverages because it can reduce brain serotonin
Eating foods rich in selenium because it can improve the mood
Get the morning sunlight because vitamin D can improve mood and eating foods rich in vitamin D
Reduce weight, feeling depressed because the weight can be caused stress
Positive thinking

Although there are many factors that cause you stress, but no one tried to diet tips above. So, apply some healthy diet tips above yes Ladies, keep the body stress free.

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Definition Hypothesis: What is Hypothesis

Definition Hypothesis: What is Hypothesis
(What definition of Experts) is an alternative hypothesis jawabn allegations made by researchers to the problems posed in research. The answer allegations of a truth that is temporary, which will be verifiable by the data collected through research. The hypothesis may turn into truth and error depending on its position.
The researchers' goal is to propose a hypothesis in research activities, the researcher's attention focused only on information or data needed for testing hypotheses. So that elections can be the right alternative, researchers dituntu to carefully and cautiously.
(Definition Hypothesis) According to Borg and Gall there are four requirements for a good hypothesis, namely: Should describe the relationship between two or more variables, formulated in accordance with a solid foundation can be tested and stated in the formulation of short and dense.
There are several types of hypothesis which states that the relationship (correlation) and difference (comparison). According to another classification no null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis or hypotheses of work, and there is a hypothesis according to another classification of major and minor.
(Definition of hypotheses) Not all research must be hypothesized. If researchers do not have an answer allegations before doing research, it is done without the research hypothesis. The types of research without hypotheses among others: Research descriptive, historical, philosophical, tracking, evaluation research, and action research
A few brief understanding of the general hypothesis

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Understanding briefly resistance is resistance

Understanding briefly resistance is resistance. Broadly, the notion of resilience in biology is the ability of an individual as a host to reduce, withhold, or overcome the influence of the activities and the development of the pathogens that attack it.
The word resilience is used for several terms in biology, following and understanding the following terms.

Definition of active resistance is the resistance that occurs because of an individual as the host held a reaction to the pathogen.
The definition of durable resistance is the resistance possessed an individual as the host against pathogens that are owned for generations.
Understanding digen resistance is the resistance that is controlled by two genes.
Understanding the physical resistance is the resistance that is caused due to physical barriers causing pathogens can not attack or develop in the body of an individual as inag.
Understanding the physiology of resistance is the resistance that is caused by a chemical reaction or physiological processes of the host against a pathogen attack.
Definition of minor gene resistance is the resistance genes are regulated by genes with small effects of which are not immediately apparent.
Resilience is the major gene resistance is regulated by genes that influence was evident.
Horizontal resistances are not typical endurance race; a form of host resistance against all kinds of pathogenic races.
Understanding the resilience of adult tissues is a form of resistance against pathogens that developed after developing into mature tissue.
Resilience field is a form of resistance that will look at the incidence of natural infection, but the resistance did not appear at the trial or testing.
Understanding the membrane resistance is the resistance of the cell membrane to the changes that occur in the environment.
Resilience resistance monogen is governed by a single gene
Understanding oligogen resistance is the resistance that is regulated by several genes that have a large or small phenotypic effect
Definition of passive resistance is keresistenan passive resistance that does not involve reaction of an individual as a host land.
Understanding the acquisition of resistance is the resistance that is not inherited and acquired after a treatment.
Resilience polygenic resistance is regulated by several genes that control the cumulative nature
Resilience is the stimulation of host resistance against a pathogen that caused by other pathogens attack before.
Resilience stomata stomatal characteristics which tends to restrict the free exchange of carbon dioxide in the leaves.
Vertical resilience is typical endurance race; resistance of an individual as a host to some of the races of pathogens but does not have resistance to multiple pathogens other races.
So the sense of resilience according to the dictionary of biology, see also the understanding other apapengertiaahli
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Adipose tissue is a network made up of lipids or fats

Adipose tissue is a network made up of lipids or fats; Adipose tissue can be termed as a penunpukan fat in the organism. Connective tissue cells it contains fat cells form large dots.
Adipose tissue can be found throughout your body. This is logical because the function of fat in the body in order to maintain a stable body temperature is not cold. Located under the skin or known as subcutaneous fat and fat around internal organs is called visceral. Adipose tissue can also be found in the muscle, breast tissue and in your bone marrow. Adipose tissue most commonly found at the pantant and breast for women and for men buttocks region. For the obese, fat or adipose tissue is in excess amount.

Adipose tissue (fat)

Adipose tissue
Adipose tissue recognizable able to produce various hormones such as ALPHA TNF, IL-6 and leptin or three called cytokines that function in cell communication. Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 function for blood clotting. Adipose tissue also produces angiotensin to control blood pressure (blood pressure) and adiponectin that help insulin sensitivity. Moreover, adipose tissue also able to produce aromatase related to the metabolism of sex hormones and lipoprotein and apolipoprotein E, which helps in the metabolism of fat.

Similarly, a brief review of the notion of adipose tissue. Read more sense in apapengertianahli

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Understanding Drugs: What Is a Drug

Understanding Drugs: What Is a Drug
Understanding Drugs | Drugs or narcotics and dangerous drugs are chemicals either synthetic or organic damage nerves work. Understanding drug by the ministry of health is defined as a drug. Narcotics, psychotropic and addictive substances. Drugs can cause addiction, impaired on the nerves and or capable of unconsciousness.
Understanding the general Narcotics are drugs that are able to anesthetize. In other words, drugs are drugs capable of disrupting the body's nervous system is working to not feel pain or stimulation. Narcotics initially there are three that are made from organic materials that Opium (Papaper somniferum), cocaine (Erythroxyion coca) and marijuana (Cannabis sativa). Now the type of narcotic drugs are opium or opiates or opioids or Opium, Codeine, Methadone (MTD), LSD, PC, mescalin, barbiturates, Demerol, pethidine, and others.

Drugs (narcotics) Leaves Marijuana, Cannabis though, and resilient marijuana

Drugs: Cocaine

Is one of the psychotropic drugs. Definition of psychotropic is any drug that does not contain narcotics or drugs that do not cause pain disappear but addictive effects and disruption of the nerve but not in the sense sakit.Narkoba this type is able to change its mental and behavioral. Examples of psychotropic drugs is Ecstasy or Inex or Metamphetamines, Demerol. Speed, Angel Dust, Sabu-methamphetamine (Shabu / Syabu / ICE), Sedatives-Hypnotics Benzodiazepines / BDZ), BK, Lexo, MG, Rohip, Dum, Megadon, Nipam.

However, after the advent of Law No. 35 In 2009, the type of psychotropic drugs only in group III and IV. Type psychotropic is Sedatin (Pil BK), Rohypnol, Magadon, Valium, Mandrax, Amfetamine, Fensiklidin, Metakualon, Metifenidat, Phenobarbital, flunitrazepam, Ecstasy, Shabu-shabu, LSD (Lycergic Syntetic diethylamide) and so on.

Illicit drug ecstasy
In addition to narcotics and psychotropic substances, there are also addictive substances. However, the addictive substance does not have strong regulations, even very weak because it does not cause disruption to stimulate the nerve but depending on the addictive substance consumed. Examples of addictive substances is caffeine which can stimulate the nerves to be more active work.

Drugs (narcotics) type of methadone

Drugs (narcoti