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Adipose tissue is a network made up of lipids or fats

Adipose tissue is a network made up of lipids or fats; Adipose tissue can be termed as a penunpukan fat in the organism. Connective tissue cells it contains fat cells form large dots.
Adipose tissue can be found throughout your body. This is logical because the function of fat in the body in order to maintain a stable body temperature is not cold. Located under the skin or known as subcutaneous fat and fat around internal organs is called visceral. Adipose tissue can also be found in the muscle, breast tissue and in your bone marrow. Adipose tissue most commonly found at the pantant and breast for women and for men buttocks region. For the obese, fat or adipose tissue is in excess amount.

Adipose tissue (fat)

Adipose tissue
Adipose tissue recognizable able to produce various hormones such as ALPHA TNF, IL-6 and leptin or three called cytokines that function in cell communication. Plasminogen activator inhibitor-1 function for blood clotting. Adipose tissue also produces angiotensin to control blood pressure (blood pressure) and adiponectin that help insulin sensitivity. Moreover, adipose tissue also able to produce aromatase related to the metabolism of sex hormones and lipoprotein and apolipoprotein E, which helps in the metabolism of fat.

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