Minggu, 15 November 2015

What is Web Hosting?

What is web hosting and web hosting what sense is still much sought after in the virtual world to remember that not all netizens in Indonesia know about the website. Web hosting is a place to store data that has an internet connection. The internet connection was needed because the data is stored must be accessed by the user simultaneously anywhere or anytime.

So again what is web hosting? In other words, web hosting is the place where organizations and individuals can rent it and allow them to display their products or services on the internet site (web).


The internet site (web) itself is a collection of pages of information that can be accessed by all Internet users in the whole world without limited space and time.

In the web hosting works very dependent on the performance of the server. Usually the server in use is a computer that has a high specification. Because web hosting server should be able to work 24 hours a day. That means that a server must remain alive for a long time and without turn off.

Usually servers are in use more than one and interconnected. If one server goes down work will be directly forwarded by other servers. This is very useful because web hosting should always be active so that users can still access it.

Web hosting is very in need especially for the current Internet has spread in almost all corners of the country. This is an opportunity for companies to conduct or individuals to offer their products or services through the site web.Bayangkan when more than 100 million people in Indonesia are connected to the internet every day. It can be made an opportunity for the promotion of a product.

Not a few people connected to the internet looking for a knowledge or latest information. In other words, service providers can use the news or web hosting services and also to market their news.

For when it's already a lot of companies that provide web hosting services in Indonesia. Virtually all the company web hosting service providers all the same. The only difference lies in the capacity space, and bandwidth capacity in the offer.

Some types of servers that can be used is as follows.

    Server Colocation is a service that rents out space in use for meletakanserver. These servers are usually there because of the cooperation between the vendor and the customer.
    VPS or Virtual Private Server is a process virtualisasidari about the operating system that is in use by the server. A virtual server has the possibility to install different operating systems.
    Shared Hosting is a server that can be used with the same. So in a server there is more than one domain name. Because these servers that use more than one, then each account that is in one of these servers have a username and password each - each and inexpensive hosting fees.
    Dedicated server is a server that is used for large applications and are not able to be operated by other servers as virtual dedicatedserver and sharedhosting. This server is usually created by the cooperation between the companies and organizations that work with the vendor.

With some types of servers above can be determined what type of server you want to use according to the type of business. Web hosting is indeed very useful and has many benefits. Hence, do not take advantage of web hosting with things - negative things.

For those of you who want to take advantage of web hosting for your business, you should choose a web hosting service that is already trusted, one of which is domainesia who is experienced and reliable to manage web hosting for businesses.

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