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healthy diet tips

healthy diet tips

Tips on healthy diet, you are busy with a variety of activities will definitely feel tired and depressed. If you have started depressed, your emotions become confused and can even interfere with the activity. Your body may be fine, but your inner mind and probably sick.

To avoid this, according to experts, there are some diet foods to reduce levels of stress and anxiety that hit you because it contains serotonin, among others,

foods rich in omega-3 fatty acids, a wide variety of seafood
eat foods rich in antioxidants
healthy fats in the fruit and nuts such as avocados, almonds, and hazelnuts
foods rich in tryptophan, a protein found in chicken, tuna, turkey, soy, salmon and shrimp
avoid drinking coffee and assorted caffeinated beverages because it can reduce brain serotonin
Eating foods rich in selenium because it can improve the mood
Get the morning sunlight because vitamin D can improve mood and eating foods rich in vitamin D
Reduce weight, feeling depressed because the weight can be caused stress
Positive thinking

Although there are many factors that cause you stress, but no one tried to diet tips above. So, apply some healthy diet tips above yes Ladies, keep the body stress free.

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