Minggu, 15 November 2015

This is being done to Ensure Safe Online Transactions

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Long story short, I got stuff I dreamed about for a long time at half price. After seeing the goods advertised in a facebook group, I try to ask, and it turns out the price wow really, really is?. I chase continues. Until at one point the transaction price and the deal should be done. And I think how to keep online transactions secure?

First I try to offer to use a joint account that services are available plenty in kaskus, where a third party as rekber will transfer the money to the seller after the buyer received the goods. The person does not want .. because the needed funds fast. I offer again using Tokopedia, do not want too because something like rekber.

Confused. Locations outside Java may not COD, prices of goods millions if ketipu how?. Finally perform the "investigation" in depth to minimize our chances of becoming a victim of fraud. If my friend transact with someone who is not known, nor is the online store that usually have a history or a testimony, how to make sure the seller is not fraudsters and secure online transactions?. Here are a few tips from my own experience.

    Ensure that sells have a social network account, make a friend and investigate profilenya. Starting from posting to their relationships, whether natural look or look like made-up. How long does he have his socmed account?
    Perform communication through many media ranging from telephone, sms, whatsapp, fuel or messenger. See response, to ensure that the relevant serious.
    Ask for photo ID card, driver's license. NIK checks identity card and online check in Data Voters KPU. What is the name and the same region. Also check whether the same picture as the one on social network account.
    Check his address, find information online. Even when his name was listed on the official website of the company profile, I still make sure that the relevant works are still active at the site by contacting the office phone.
    There is the possibility of mobile phones and the goods sold were stolen and claiming to be the owner. To ensure that, when the delivery of goods at the office courier agent I ask for air-selfie ria with the goods sold. 😀
    Do not transfer in advance before getting photo receipt number and check online the truth.
    If you are sure .. at least 99%, bismillah and do the transfer.

Furthermore stay surrender. Continue to communicate with the seller to make sure they are willing to be contacted, if still means that there is no problem in this regard. If in the end there is the problem of fraud, at least you've got a bundle of weapons and the evidence is strong enough to process it to the authorities. Hope it is useful.

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