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Definition Hypothesis: What is Hypothesis

Definition Hypothesis: What is Hypothesis
(What definition of Experts) is an alternative hypothesis jawabn allegations made by researchers to the problems posed in research. The answer allegations of a truth that is temporary, which will be verifiable by the data collected through research. The hypothesis may turn into truth and error depending on its position.
The researchers' goal is to propose a hypothesis in research activities, the researcher's attention focused only on information or data needed for testing hypotheses. So that elections can be the right alternative, researchers dituntu to carefully and cautiously.
(Definition Hypothesis) According to Borg and Gall there are four requirements for a good hypothesis, namely: Should describe the relationship between two or more variables, formulated in accordance with a solid foundation can be tested and stated in the formulation of short and dense.
There are several types of hypothesis which states that the relationship (correlation) and difference (comparison). According to another classification no null hypothesis and the alternative hypothesis or hypotheses of work, and there is a hypothesis according to another classification of major and minor.
(Definition of hypotheses) Not all research must be hypothesized. If researchers do not have an answer allegations before doing research, it is done without the research hypothesis. The types of research without hypotheses among others: Research descriptive, historical, philosophical, tracking, evaluation research, and action research
A few brief understanding of the general hypothesis

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