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Understanding Drugs: What Is a Drug

Understanding Drugs: What Is a Drug
Understanding Drugs | Drugs or narcotics and dangerous drugs are chemicals either synthetic or organic damage nerves work. Understanding drug by the ministry of health is defined as a drug. Narcotics, psychotropic and addictive substances. Drugs can cause addiction, impaired on the nerves and or capable of unconsciousness.
Understanding the general Narcotics are drugs that are able to anesthetize. In other words, drugs are drugs capable of disrupting the body's nervous system is working to not feel pain or stimulation. Narcotics initially there are three that are made from organic materials that Opium (Papaper somniferum), cocaine (Erythroxyion coca) and marijuana (Cannabis sativa). Now the type of narcotic drugs are opium or opiates or opioids or Opium, Codeine, Methadone (MTD), LSD, PC, mescalin, barbiturates, Demerol, pethidine, and others.

Drugs (narcotics) Leaves Marijuana, Cannabis though, and resilient marijuana

Drugs: Cocaine

Is one of the psychotropic drugs. Definition of psychotropic is any drug that does not contain narcotics or drugs that do not cause pain disappear but addictive effects and disruption of the nerve but not in the sense sakit.Narkoba this type is able to change its mental and behavioral. Examples of psychotropic drugs is Ecstasy or Inex or Metamphetamines, Demerol. Speed, Angel Dust, Sabu-methamphetamine (Shabu / Syabu / ICE), Sedatives-Hypnotics Benzodiazepines / BDZ), BK, Lexo, MG, Rohip, Dum, Megadon, Nipam.

However, after the advent of Law No. 35 In 2009, the type of psychotropic drugs only in group III and IV. Type psychotropic is Sedatin (Pil BK), Rohypnol, Magadon, Valium, Mandrax, Amfetamine, Fensiklidin, Metakualon, Metifenidat, Phenobarbital, flunitrazepam, Ecstasy, Shabu-shabu, LSD (Lycergic Syntetic diethylamide) and so on.

Illicit drug ecstasy
In addition to narcotics and psychotropic substances, there are also addictive substances. However, the addictive substance does not have strong regulations, even very weak because it does not cause disruption to stimulate the nerve but depending on the addictive substance consumed. Examples of addictive substances is caffeine which can stimulate the nerves to be more active work.

Drugs (narcotics) type of methadone

Drugs (narcoti

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